Regardless of our job titles, at Altaï we respect certain rules so that everyone can flourish both in their work tasks and in their professional relationships. We are all committed to these rules and know how to apply them within the company.

Every Altaï employee has been
chosen because of their mentality.
We all share the same values,
same passion for travel and same
wish to share this with one another.

We are all valued members
of the team. We are all involved
& involve our collaborators.


We are responsible for all
our decisions and actions,
and we know to empower
others when appropriate.


Every collaborator in Altaï is formed
and develops their skills. Each Altaï manager
has the responsibility to identify others’
talents and to delegate accordingly.

At Altaï, we love real human contact. In our daily lifes,
we are all customer-oriented. We pay attention
to help each other as much as our travelers.